MX5 fuel pump fitting guide

Replacing the fuel pump on a Mk1 MX5

Pull back the carpet on the back shelf after removing the plastic plugs. Locate the metal cover.

Remove the screws to reveal the top cover of the pump assembly

Label the two pipes so not to mix up. Unclip and pull off the pipes. Pull the electrical connector from the socket (clip on side). Remove the screws. Remove the pump assembly being careful not to damage the petrol level float.

Unplug the electrical connector, un-clip the black plastic tube, pull off the black plastic support band, unscrew the bottom support bracket and remove the black putty securing the pump to the bracket. The pump should now pull away from the metal tube.

The new pump can now be fitted. Push the black boot onto the new pump. Trim off the excess protruding from the bottom (this interferes with the support bracket).
Using the supplied black flexible pipe and clips attach the pump to the metal fuel supply tube. Plug in the electrical connector, screw the metal support plate to take the weight of the pump. Stretch the plastic band to fit over the pump or if the plastic band has perished, use wire to support the pump. Push the new supplied filter onto the bottom of the pump.

Ensure the support bracket and hose clips are tightly screwed. Then re-assemble back in the car in the reverse order that the assembly was removed.

Download as a pdf