HRC Rover Fuel Pump Instructions

Instructions for Fitting Fuel Pump to ROVER 200/400 inc Turbo + Tomcat & Tracer

Follow these Rover Fuel Pump instructions

The fuel pump sender unit with original low flow Walbro pump fitted plastic housing case removed
Disconnect the spade terminals and remove the pump from the sender unit.
This is the up rated HRC 255 lph pump
Differences are that the HRC pump does not have spade terminals, the nozzle is shorter and there is no locking collar or o-ring, it does not fit the sender unit directly
If you look at the picture of the original pump you can see the plastic block that fits into the steady bracket.

The first thing to do is remove the o ring and collar from the old pump We suggest that you use a very small flat headed screw driver and then push fit them onto the new pump (See picture below). Next you can heat up the joints where the spade terminals are soldered to the sender unit and remove them. Now shorten the wires on the new clip (supplied it the kit) and solder it in place.
Cut away part of the steady bracket so the new HRC pump can be fitted. (File off any sharp edges.)
Because of the filter on the bottom of the HRC pump you cannot refit the original housing case. A suggestion is to obtain some heat resistant cable ties (made from nylon 66 you can buy these from and use them to make sure the pump does not move it is a secure fit. The Pump must be secure there are different ways of achieving this but this method is one way as a precaution.
When fitting the filter do not forget to put on the ring shown below it secures the filter to the pump, then refit the pump in the tank.
We hope you found these Rover Fuel Pump instructions useful

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