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HRC Nissan S13, S14 & S15 Fitting Guide

Fitting a HRC GSS 341/342 fuel pump to Nissan SX 200,S13, S15 (You can reuse the existing filter if you prefer it to the new supplied) HRC GS-341 or 342 (also known as a 255 due to it being capably of pumping 255 litres of fuel per hour). This guide shows how to fit one […]


HRC Rover Fuel Pump Instructions

Instructions for Fitting Fuel Pump to ROVER 200/400 inc Turbo + Tomcat & Tracer Follow these Rover Fuel Pump instructions The fuel pump sender unit with original low flow Walbro pump fitted plastic housing case removed Disconnect the spade terminals and remove the pump from the sender unit. This is the up rated HRC 255 […]


MX5 fuel pump fitting guide

Replacing the fuel pump on a Mk1 MX5 Pull back the carpet on the back shelf after removing the plastic plugs. Locate the metal cover. Remove the screws to reveal the top cover of the pump assembly Label the two pipes so not to mix up. Unclip and pull off the pipes. Pull the electrical […]